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Progress and Afro-Tex/Mexican Vegan Tacos

August 15, 2010

I finally signed up for

I have made some progress with the research on my family.  So far, I have found out that my maternal grandmother was born in 1926 instead of 1928 (I don’t know how I came up with that number) and I found out that my maternal grandfather was born in 1925.  I think he is from Mississippi but I have to do some more research.

Making some progress... but doing family tree research makes me hungry

I had some trepidation about using because I was wondering how much info could they get on African American family history.   I was thinking that the information they would have on African American families would not be as plentiful as maybe a White family.  But I have my friends who are Black, say that they use it so I plunked down 20 bucks to see what the website could do for me.

I am satisfied so far.  There is so much more info that I need.  What I am looking for now is a marriage certificate from my grandparents on my mother’s side.  Grandma had a family with Granddad before he left her to start another family… at least that is how the story was told to me.  You know how some family members treat family scandal… they tell you what they want for you to know to make someone or some people look more pristine than they actually are.

Let’s see how well I can circumvent family myth to get to the truth of things 🙂

Today I was listening to some Celia Cruz and was hungry for some south of the border food (yeah I know Mama Celia was Afro-Cuban but I was craving Tex Mex nonetheless).

Taco shells, lettuce (or kale), vegan sloppy joe mix, tomatoes, onions...

Speaking of Mexico, check out this info I found on Afro-Mexican cuisine

There is a vegetarian joint near my home that sells a vegan mega taco plate.  It’s freakin huge and good as hell but I just didn’t feel like eating out.  I decided to make a batch of hard shell tacos from my own kitchen.  It is a recipe from my spiritual brother Kefentse.  He is researching his family history as well.  Check out his blog

Taste so good that you'll wanna slap somebody

This recipe is super easy to do and it tastes so good!  I got the recipe from Kef.  If you love it, be sure to visit his blog and thank him.

Afro-Tex/Mexican Tacos

1 package of taco shells (hard or soft)

1 package of vegan sloppy joe mix (I used the Fantastic brand)

onions (chopped)

lettuce (chopped)


vegan cheese (optional: Daiya is an excellent brand)

Basically follow the directions on the back of the vegan sloppy joe package without adding the tomato paste.  This will be your “ground chuck”.

Get the taco shells.  Layer inside of it the “meat”, veggies, vegan cheese (if you have it) and salsa.  If you have vegan sour cream to add on top, that would be a nice tasty touch

Doesn't that look good?!

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