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Vegan pancakes help clear my mind…

August 6, 2010

I was gripped with an unproductive thought this morning as I woke up: “You weren’t born in Africa!  Why would you even think you can cook African food?!  Vegan African food no less!”

Hmm… interesting question.

I thought about it some more as I was making some vegan pancakes for breakfast.  Interestingly enough, up until two years ago, I had little to NO desire to cook anything for anyone.  I liked to eat for sure.  But for reason I grew more and more interested in cooking food out of my own kitchen.

It was also at this time when I decided that I was gonna cut out dairy and eggs from my vegetarian diet.  I’d call myself vegan but I enjoy my leather Coach purses and cute heeled shoes too much to get rid of them.  Call me part of the problem, but I need some accessories that are durable.  I have yet to see a vegan fashionable shoe  that will not disintegrate under the crushing weight of my size 10 feet.  I’m just sayin’…

here today...

So anyway, I began to eat like a vegan and that GREATLY limited my options for eating out.  There is cheese in every damn thing!  I remember one time, I went into Starbucks in Royal Oak Michigan and at the counter they had tons of vegetarian sandwiches, with cheese dripping down the sides of the bread (no doubt made with eggs).  Did you think they had any vegan options?

The cashier pointed to a small plastic bag of tiny chocolate chip cookies near the cash register.  That was what I had to eat while I was there.

Needless to say I am cooking now because I don’t wanna depend on others for my meal, especially when most of the “others” are so effing gung ho on adding dairy and eggs to everything.  I love ethnic food and I love vegan food.  Seemed like a match made in heaven to cook Vegan African food right?

As I munched on my breakfast, I remembered how my Mom would make me pancakes when I was a kid.  Yep, she used Bisquick.  I was delighted to know that Bisquick is a vegan product outside of the usual eggs and milk that it asks for (I make the pancakes with hemp milk and egg replacers).  So basically, I had recreated a traditional meal in a vegan way.  Why couldn’t I do that with African meals?  Understandably, African food outside of Ethiopian cuisine, is not easily regarded as vegan.  Not by a lot of people anyway.

I can do this.  I have an extreme interest and I figure that if I would like to eat some vegan African food, then others would be as well.  I wasn’t born in Africa but it is in my blood flowing in my veins.  Everyday I look at my face I see Africa.  I can do this.  Fears and doubts be damned.

God knows that we need as many options for getting good vegan food in Southeast Michigan.  I will be happy to share my meals with others who are tired of cheese and eggs in everything.

Guess it is time to compile some recipes and start cookin’….

gone in ten minutes... I am resolved to do my thing!

Vegan Bisquick Pancakes (adapted from the back of the Bisquick box)

2 cups of bisquick mix

1 cup of nut milk (or hemp milk)

Egg replacers (enough to make two eggs worth)

stir ingredients in bowl until blended

pour sligtly less than 1/4 cupfuls onto hot greased griddle

cook until edges are dry.  turn;  cook until golden

makes about 14 pancakes

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